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Asa (Asi) Levinger

Mr. Asa (Asi) Levinger


Mr. Levinger serves as Energix Chief Executive Officer since the company was founded in 2009. Prior to the establishment of Energix Mr. Levinger served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Amot Investment Ltd. and in various positions in the Israeli high-tech industry as well as VP Business Development of an Israeli Private Equity Fund.


Mr. Levinger enjoys unrivaled knowledge in the field of renewable energies in Israel and Poland focusing on solar photovoltaic and wind energy technologies, and has a strong network with world leading companies and suppliers in the field of renewables.


He is the "living spirit" behind Energix and the figure that led the company from the day of its inception until becoming a leading public company with a market cap of USD 500M, which is considered to a pioneer in its field.

Mr. Levinger earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering as well as Master degree in Business Administration from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

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Elad Cohen

Mr. Elad Cohen


Mr. Cohen serves as Energix Chief Financial Officer since 2014 where he leads the company's treasury, project finance, investor relations, financial planning and accounting organizations.

Prior to this position, Mr. Cohen served as a Corporate Controller at Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd, one of Israel’s largest real estate investment firms, owning and operating superior commercial properties in Israel and overseas.


Mr. Cohen has extensive knowledge in project finance in the photovoltaic and wind energy segments, capital raising and competing international tenders.

Among his role, Mr. Cohen took part in construction of complex transaction Energix had undertaken, including in the framework of raising capital against its portfolio of operating projects.

Mr. Cohen volunteered in various organization throughout the years, and he's currently serves as member of the board of Ramat Aviv Public Volleyball Association.

Mr. Cohen earned a bachelor’s degree from Tel-Aviv University’ School of Economics and he’s a certified public accountant.

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Dafna Reznik

Ms. Dafna Reznik

VP Legal

Ms. Reznik serves as Energix General Counsel since 2013 and she’s responsible for all of the company’s legal activities.

Prior to that, Ms. Reznik served as general counsel at an international group in the field of developing and construction of renewable energy projects, as well as general counsel at several equity funds.


Ms. Reznik advises on all corporate and commercial aspects relating to the company's business cycle including leading the company’s representation in all legal procedures and before various regulators (utilities, local parliaments, governing institutions and as part of Israeli PUA’s public hearing), managing the company's reporting to the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and company’s shareholders, and drafting various commercial agreements with world leading financial institutions and suppliers.

Ms. Reznik earned a Master degree from Tel-Aviv University’ School of Law and a bachelor’s degree from the University’ school of Economics. Ms. Reznik is graduated of the International & High-Tech department of GKH law office, one of Israel’s elite law firms.

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Moran Birman

Ms. Moran Birman

VP Business Development

Ms. Birman serves as Energix VP Business Development since 2016 and she's responsible for driving the company’s strategy and business development activities overseas.

Prior to that, Ms. Birman served in various positions within the company, including the Head of company's Wind Division and as the Executive Assistant to CEO.


Ms. Birman has extensive experience in executing business development initiatives with emphasis on large-scale project management totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. She played a vital role in the evolution of Energix strategic market positioning in both Israel and Poland, and led the company's penetration into the USA market through the establishment of a Joint Venture with a local developer.

Among other activities, Ms. Birman has led the construction of the second largest wind farm in Poland, including all financing aspects, working with local regulators and managing commercial relations with the world's leading suppliers of wind energy. She enjoys a wide impressive background negotiating complex and multi disciplinarians transactions.


Ms. Birman earned a bachelor’s degree from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya’ school of Business Management.

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Israel Aviram

Mr. Israel Aviram

VP Construction & Operation

Mr. Aviram serves as Energix VP Construction and Operation since 2017 and he's responsible for overseeing the engineering, procurement & construction, and operations & maintenance over the company's wind and solar photovoltaic facilities.


Mr. Aviram has decades of experience in large-scale project management in Israel and abroad, and he enjoys strong global network of contacts with world leading technology and product suppliers in the renewables sector. Prior to his position at Energix Mr. Aviram held various positions in engineering, manufacturing and operations at Mer Group Corporation, where he served as CEO of several companies under the group.


Mr. Aviram is one the leading experts in Israel in his field. among other activities he led a major effort by Energix to build 9 medium-voltage facilities simultaneously within a period of a year, one of the most complex photovoltaic projects in the history of the state of Israel. In addition, he led integration of innovative technologies and use of Big Data for optimization of the facilities.


Mr. Aviram earned a bachelor’s degree from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)’s School of the Civil Engineering.

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