As a company whose main product is the generation of renewable energy, Sustainability is an integral part of Energix.

We call it the Triple-Win-Package: a win for the company, a win for the Community, and a win for the Environment.  


Neot Hovav:

The project is a first of its kind since it was constructed on top of rehabilitated toxic evaporation pools. These pools, which are located in the Neot Hovav eco-industrial Regional Council, used to be one of the most harmful environmental hazards in the country. Chemical wastes flowed to these pools from the entire industrial area.  The first stage of the project involved drying up and rehabilitating these evaporation pools.  On top of the polluted and devastated soil, where “no tree would grow for centuries”, Energix has “planted” 400,000 solar panels and turned it into the first large scale PV project in Israel. In addition, Energix's investment in the project is being utilized by the Neot Hovav Regional Council to rehabilitate additional evaporation pools.

Currently Energix is financing the Renewable Energy section of the Council's new visitors center.  The center will educate on the importance of sustainability and the positive impact of Renewable Energy. 


Banie Project:

Energix's goal was to ensure that every local farmer who looks at the turbines will associate it in a positive way.  This was done by investing in and involving the local community in order to improve the economic conditions of the region.  The local road infrastructure was improved and much funding was provided for educational initiatives and for school infrastructure in the project's surroundings.


Global Impact:

Energix strives to develop projects between Israel and its neighbors.  These projects are not only located in ideal sites for renewable energy projects, but are also strengthening the relationship between countries.  Renewable Energy projects between neighboring countries offer all parties the benefit of electricity stability, employment and economic prosperity - creating an opportunity for a bridge to peace

In the coming decades, world energy production will be dominated by renewable energy since they simply have no substitute.  We feel privileged to be in the right place and at the right time and with the opportunity given to us – to make the world a greener and more prosperous place for us and our children.





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