Team and Structure




Board of Directors:




nathan hetz

Mr. Nathan Hetz



Nathan Hetz is the founder of Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd. In addition to his Board Chairmanship at Energix. Mr. Hetz is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Amot Investments Ltd. and a member of the following Board of Directors: Equity One Inc., First Capital Realty and PSP Swiss Property AG. Mr. Hetz received his B.A. in Accounting from Tel-Aviv University and is a certified public accountant in Israel.


aviram wertheim

Mr. Aviram Wertheim



Aviram Wertheim serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Alony Hetz Properties and Investments since 1996.  
Mr. Wertheim is a Certified Public Accountant and volunteers at a number of youth education programs as well as the Israeli Police Forces.
He received his BA in Accounting and Business Administration from the Tel Aviv College of Management.

oren frenkel

Mr. Oren Frenkel



Oren Frenkel is the current Chief Financial Officer at Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd., directing and supervising the Company's
financial reporting, treasury operations and cash management.
Mr. Frenkel was a partner at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, where he led the economic advisory departmen.
Mr. Frenkel has a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University and MST from San Jose University in California. He is a certified
public accountant in Israel and the United States.



rami armon

Mr. Rami Armon



Mr. Armon is the founder and CEO of Armon Capital Management.
Between the years 2005-2011 Mr. Armon served as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and board member of "Menora Mivtachim Pension", the
largest pension fund in Israel utilizing 16 years of experience in the financial markets.
Mr. Armon graduated from Open University with degrees in Management and Economics and later completed a portfolio management course at
Bar Ilan University.
alona shefer karo

Mrs. Alona Shefer-Karo



Alona Shefer-Karo is an Israeli lawyer, who served in the recent years as the General Director of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Beforehand Mrs. Shefer-Karo served as chief of staff of the former Environmental Protection minister. Mrs. Shefer-Karo served as the General
Director of Life and Environment the umbrella organization of environmental organizations in Israel, and General Counsel of the Israeli Union for
Environmental Defence.
Mrs. Shefer-Karo holds LLB from Bar-Ilan University and LLM from Tel Aviv University.
dorit ben simon

Mrs. Dorit Ben Simon



Dorit Ben Simon is a Senior Vice President at Israel Discount Bank.
In addition to her profession role at Discount Bank, she is also a member of the Audit Committee and the Committee to approve the financial
Mrs. Ben Simon received both her MBA and BA from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Our Executives:



asa levinger

Mr. Asa (Asi) Levinger



Asa Levinger has served as Energix CEO since the company was founded in 2009.
Prior to joining Energix, Mr. Levinger served as the Assistant to the CEO of AMOT Investment Ltd.
Mr. Levinger worked in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry in R&D and as a VP Business Development in an Israeli Private Equity Fund.
Mr. Levinger received a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and a MBA, both from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
elad cohen

Mr. Elad Cohen



Elad Cohen has served as Energix Chief Financial Officer since March  2014.
Prior to joining Energix, Mr. Cohen served as a corporate controller at Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd.
Mr. Cohen has a BA in Economics and Accounting from the Tel-Aviv University.
dafna reznik

Mrs. Dafna Reznik

General Counsel and Company Secretary


Dafna Reznik has served as Energix General Counsel and Company Secretary since May 2013.
Prior to joining Energix Dafna served as General Counsel in an international group initiating and constructing renewable energy projects, and as
General Counsel of Tamir Fishman Group, focusing on private and public equity funds. Before Tamir Fishman, Dafna worked as a lawyer and
Internee at GKH Law offices, being part of its International and High Tech team. Dafna holds LLB, BA in Economics and MBA, all three from the
Tel Aviv University.
Moran Birman

Ms. Moran Birman

VP business Development


Moran Birman serves as the VP Business Development at Energix Renewable Energies Ltd., responsible for driving the company’s strategy and market development activities in the U.S. and Europe. Since joining Energix, Moran has successfully managed the company wind projects in Poland with a total capacity of more than 120MW and with total investment of around 200 Million EUR. Moran has worked with various small to large enterprises and financing institutions. Prior to this position Moran has acted as the executive assistant to the CEO, hold multidiscipline responsibilities and formulates the activities along with the executive management to align with the company business strategy. Moran holds a BA from Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

תמונה חסרה

Mr. Israel Aviram

VP Operation


Israel Aviram serves as Energix's VP of Operation as of 2017. Prior to joining Energix, he managed a number of companies at Mer Group in Israel and abroad, primarily those involving infrastructure and energy projects. Israel brings with him over 15 years of management experience in the O&M field. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

The Energix Way:

  • In the competitive commodities market, in order to succeed one needs to differentiate itself. Therefore Energix is the "Fast Rider in the Elephant Trail" – daring, flexible, quick yet calculated, decisive, efficient and always on track
  • Energix believes in finding "the diamond in the rough" of every project – walking the extra mile in order to find the unique added value of the project to the community and the environment maximizes the success of the project ensuring all parties involved benefit from the project helps harness everyone's support
  • From a company that started by installing small scale 50KWp PV rooftop systems at a cost of $200K each,   Energix was the first to connect a medium scale PV rooftop system in Israel.  Within a short time afterwards, it was the first to connect a large scale PV ground mounted system in Israel with a total construction cost of $100 million.  Energix is completing these days the construction of phase 1 – a 50MW wind project out of a total 192MW wind farm, one of the largest wind farms in Poland
  • Energix's professional experience and abilities allow it to initiate projects from start to finish, involving in all the minute details and take full ownership of their entire lifetime
  • As a capital intensive field, being part of the Alony Hetz Group, one of the largest real estate investment groups in Israel, and with its own $142M capital, Energix has a significant financial strength
  • Reaching a market value of more than $230 million within five years, Energix has become the largest Israeli Renewable Energy company and one of the fastest growing companies in Israel
The Energix Way





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