About Wind Energy:

  • Wind Energy is extracted from airflow using wind turbines to produce mechanical or electrical power
  • Humans started using it at least 4,000 years ago – in 2,000BC wind mills were used in China and Persia
  • A single wind turbine can power as many as 2000 households
  • As of 2015, Wind energy production represents around 4% of global energy production
  • Wind Turbines are huge – some are over a 100 meter high with blades as long as 50 meters – higher than the Statue of Liberty
  • The International Energy Agency projects that by 2050, Wind energy will constitute 18% of the total global energy production

Banie Wind Project:

Banie Wind Project
  • Purchased SPV in Poland which holds the right to construct a wind farm with a total capacity of up to 192MW
  • One of the largest wind farms in Poland
  • Located in North West Poland
  • Construction in three phases (50MW,56MW,84MW)







Energix purchased the Banie Wind Farm on March 2015 with a total capacity of up to 192MW Wind Farm in the North West of Poland.

The project is one of the top three largest wind projects in the country. 
Aiming to connect the first phase in capacity of 50MW by year end 2015,
Energix immediately commenced its construction, composed of 25 Vestas wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2 MW.

Along with the turbines, two substations were constructed – for medium and high voltages.
Dozens of kilometers of electric wiring were placed underground while trying to minimize the impact on the natural environment.

Phase one of the project was completed on December 2015 - 8 months’ time from project purchasing to construction completion.  
The timely completion ensured meeting the existing Polish regulation, rewarding the project with green certificates in addition to electricity sale revenues.

The construction of Phase B (56MW) has commenced on January 2016 and Phase C, with a total capacity of 84MW,
is in advanced stages of development and its construction will be subject to meeting the Polish regulatory requirements. 



Financing for Phase A of the project was done with 100% of company's equity.
In terms of Operation Financing, the company has engaged with EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) to lead the financing for the phase A and B in total capacity of 106 MW.
The total financing, once all condition precedent for the financing are met, is expected to be in the amount of up to PLN 552 million payable in several mile stones.

Please find below a link to the Environmental report for EBRD and the project company:


Community Communications:Banie Wind Farm Communication Form



Project Banie

Phase A:

  • Location: Banie, North West Poland
  • Capacity: 50MW
  • Owner: Energix Renewable Energies Ltd.
  • Design/Construction: PBDI, Electrom and Vestas
  • # of Turbines: 25


  • Turbine Type: Vestas V100
  • Status: Construction completed on December 2015 and was connected to the National Electric Grid.  It is currently in final stages of Electricity Generation Licensing
  • Hub Height: 125 meters
  • Average wind speed: 7.1m/s
  • Equivalent number of Households Powered ~ 55,000
  • Annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction: ~90,000 Tonnes
  • Construction  Cost (estm.): ~ USD 100 million
  • Construction Financing: 100% Company's Equity
  • Operation Financing: ~ up to USD 67 Millions

Project Banie Phase A





Project Banie

Phase B:

  • Capacity: 56MW
  • Number of Turbines: 28
  • Turbine Type: Vestas V110
  • Status: Construction completed on July 2016; currently in operation

  • Hub Height: 125 meters
  • Equivalent number of Households Powered ~ 60,000

  • Annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction: ~100,000 Tonnes
  • Construction Cost (estm.): ~ USD 95 million
  • Funding for both phase A and B total up to 130 USD million, provided by a consortium led by EBRD along with two local Polish banks






Project Banie

Phase C:

  • Capacity: 84MW
  • Status: Construction commencement will be evaluated for 2017 under the new regulation and subject to winning a tariff in the bidding auctions
  • Construction Cost (estm.): ~ USD 178.1 million
Project Banie Phase C






Project IIawa:

  • Capacity: 13.2 MW
  • Status: Construction completed on June 2016; currently in operation











Future Plans in Development:


wind 2


 Future Plans in Development


  • A total of ~ 650MW of projects currently in development in Israel and abroad with a project approved in Israel, as of June 2016, totaling a maximum capacity of 155 MW in the Golan Heights.



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