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Energix is one of Israel’s largest renewable energy companies with a portfolio of more than 1GW of projects under development, 258WMp in commercial operation and market value of over 500$ million


Who we are

Who We Are

Founded on 2009 as part of Alony-Hetz Properties and Investments group, Energix is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange who has grown by tens of percentage points annually in the last five years and own a portfolio of more than 1GW of projects in various stages of initiation and development


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Solar PV

Solar PV

The largest Israeli company in the field of Photovoltaic projects. Considered as the pioneer of the solar PV in the country and was the first company to construct and connect large-scale medium & high voltage Projects. By Mid 2019 it is expected to connect additional 52MWp facilities to the electricity grid


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Constructed, connected and owns large-scale wind farms in a total capacity of 120MW, including the second largest wind farm in Poland. Energix also owns Portfolio of wind farm projects which are ready to be built, with a total capacity of up to120MW



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Established a Joint Venture with a local developer with a PV solar projects portfolio of hundreds of megawatts under development, of which 80MWp projects will reach financial closing stage during 2018



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Our Team

Energix is based on the foundations of professionalism and excellence, and it's led by managers with extensive experience in their fields. Above all are Active Chairman of the board, Mr. Natan Hetz and CEO of the company, Mr. Asa Levinger, who led the company from the day it was founded to accelerated growth


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